Backpacking Families

By Em - October 02, 2016

One of the best things about the wandering lifestyle of backpacking solo is the company you make along the way.  Day five of my trip, I already know I will be seeing some of the travelers I've met again.

After my day at the doctor in Monteverde, everyone returned from the jungle with groceries and we spent the evening in.  It can be tricky feeling like you need to pack adventure into every single day, but what I love about trying to take at least a month for a trip is that you get to have mellow time without fearing missing out.

So first, we made pancakes as a family.  Jeff and I watched Ilse and Han perfectly depicting a married couple arguing over the proper proportions for pancakes, while making Jeff and I set the table and wash the dishes like the good kids we are.

We played cards, swapped secrets, adopted a dog, and had a fantastic photo shoot including this wonderful family photo:

We danced and sang, and slowly started falling asleep in the living room.  We all started brushing our teeth and wound up having an excellent tooth brushing dance party.

The morning came too soon and sadly we parted ways - four of us continuing on bumpy roads to Tamarindo.  We had a mellow day today.  Tomorrow I look into surf school!

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