Bumpy Beginnings

By Em - September 28, 2016

Denver, CO > Ft. Lauderdale, FL > San Jòse, Costa Rica

Traveling fills me with positive energy, a thirst for adventure, and new bubbling ideas.  Every time I travel, I learn.  Yes, I learn about new cultures and beautiful places, but mostly, I learn about myself. Traveling has done so much for me that I want to share with others what I know about traveling solo, and what I learn about making a life filled with travel a reality.

So I bought a knock-off go-pro and a mini laptop before leaving on this journey.  And of course, in true gypsy-style, I did so at the last possible minute. I strolled out of Best Buy with a shiny new computer at around 4:30pm yesterday.  My flight wasn't until 11:30pm, so I was way ahead of schedule. 

Well, suddenly I was here in San Jose, Costa Rica... and the trackpad didn't work.  And the keyboard didn't work.  And the audio didn't work.  So I spent my first night in Costa Rica huddled in the corner of a hostel with a borrowed mouse and keyboard, troubleshooting and shooting trouble cursing and typing "Ñ" instead of ":" and contemplating throwing things out the window, and looking up curse words in Spanish to feel like I was at least somewhat immersing myself in culture... 

And now I have a functional netbook.

24 hours ago I was still in Colorado, with no plan.  8 minutes ago I didn't know what I was doing tomorrow.  And now, I know I'm going on an adventure.  And this is why I travel.

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